How Would Three States Stack Up?

    California is the most populous state in the Union with about 10% of the nations population.  As of the 2000 census, based on population California was 65% larger then number 2 Texas and 78% larger than number 3 New York.
    California is the third largest state in area, behind Alaska and Texas both of which are substantially larger.
    So how would the Three Californias stack up in the ranking with a total of 52 states?
    Southern California would be the 2nd most populous state, slightly behind Texas, and 21st in area, ranked between Washington and Georgia.
    Northern California would be a bit larger in area, ranking 19th between Oklahoma and Washington, but would be 21st in population between Maryland and Arizona.
    Coastal California would be 9th in population, between Michigan and New Jersey, and 42nd in area between South Carolina and West Virginia.
    With the division of the state, Californians would find themselves in states more comparable to others in the Union.  Each of the new states would have political influence similar to most other states.  Each would have a clearer image of what the state was about.
     However, as noted before California could also be a country on its own. This proposal has its advocates, so let's take a look at what is being discussed.